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Activator Strap – Pack of 10

Winner of the International Innovations Award

  • Easy to install
  • High performance eliminates breakages and non-functioning gateways
  • Reduces potential injury to animals as a result of no protruding activator plates
  • Manufactured from high-quality UV stabilized polymer
  • Fewer parts required than traditional activator gate assemblies┬ámeans reduced costs

Gudgeon Guide

Well Hung Gates Everytime
Easily lines up against your fence post, acting as a jig. The guide allows your drill to make perfect gudgeon holes, set in the right place every time. Perfect for novices through to contractors.

Free up your hands
Using the chain hook to support the top guide and the adjustable bungee for the bottom guide, we give you the flexibility to free up both hands to install the chain clamps, allowing you to set your gate height in position with ease.

New Zealand Made
Proudly 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured, ensuring you get the Strainrite Quality every time.

FGG00030 – Gudgeon Guide

Holeshot Staple Guide

The Holeshot is a muzzle attachment for your staple gun, which is perfectly designed to fit all Strainrite insulators for fast and effective installation on a wood post.

  • Fits the Stockade ST400i & ST400
  • Requires 2.5mm Allen key

FIN00500 Holeshot Staple Guide Info

Trailer Quad Jenny System

Vineyard Model Wire Jenny Rotors
Four Twin Roller Bearing Assembly assembly & cast hub with adjustable friction nut.

Swing Over Arm Design
Features swing arm design for easy individual rotor reloading. Designed for dispensing 1000M Coils in all conditions

Trailer Towbar Attachment
Easily attaches to Farm Quads and can be hooked up to multiple Jenny Trailer Systems

Galvanised Steel Construction
Hot dipped galvanized steel for enhanced corrosion protection and increased durability for a longer service life.

New Zealand Made
Proudly 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured, ensuring leading technology and premium quality.

Dimensions (Approximately)
2020mm Length
1420mm Width
1260mm Height

FTJ00010 – Trailer Quad Jenny System