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Adjustable 3 Arm Wire Folding Jenny

  • Compact, fully collapsible design.
  • Adjustable wire guide fingers.
  • Self regulating friction hub to prevent Jenny overrun.
  • Gold zinc plating for increased corrosion protection
  • Complete with ground spike – stand available as an optional extra

Helix Wire Winding Jenny

  • Easily winds up old fencing wire! Allows efficient vertical winding without bending over
  • Quick release rotor for easy coil removal
  • Recovered wire coil fits wire dispensing jenny for reuse
  • Integral ground stand allows jenny to be used to
    dispense wire from the ground
  • Rugged steel construction, gold passivated for corrosion protection

Permanent 4 Arm Wire Jenny Dispenser

  • Self-regulating friction hub to prevent wire overrun.
  • Convenient handle for re-coiling used wire.
  • Designed for a standard 25kg coil of wire.
  • Complete with ground spike – Stand available as optional extra.

Trailer Quad Jenny System

Vineyard Model Wire Jenny Rotors
Four Twin Roller Bearing Assembly assembly & cast hub with adjustable friction nut.

Swing Over Arm Design
Features swing arm design for easy individual rotor reloading. Designed for dispensing 1000M Coils in all conditions

Trailer Towbar Attachment
Easily attaches to Farm Quads and can be hooked up to multiple Jenny Trailer Systems

Galvanised Steel Construction
Hot dipped galvanized steel for enhanced corrosion protection and increased durability for a longer service life.

New Zealand Made
Proudly 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured, ensuring leading technology and premium quality.

Dimensions (Approximately)
2020mm Length
1420mm Width
1260mm Height

FTJ00010 – Trailer Quad Jenny System