Activator Strap – Pack of 10

Activator Strap – Pack of 10

International Innovations Award-winning new system for electric gate activators

  • Unique revolutionary post termination insulator
  • Enables multiple gate handle connections
  • Eliminates protruding activator plates
  • Pack of 10 Activator Straps
  • Includes 30 x Galvanised Clout Nails
  • Saves time and money with single strap installation

Multi-function Post Insulator

Eliminates auxiliary components such as the egg insulator, pin lock
insulator, activator plate and separate electrical lead. Acts as an end insulator too.

Reduces potential harm to your stock

With no protruding parts or steel plates, there is nothing for the stock
to damage compared with common activator plate systems.

Time saving

Time saved on installation with only the Activator strap required to
install and less likely to be broken by stock or machinery.

International Innovations Award Winner

This award recognises global leaders in agricultural innovation. Entries
from as far afield as Russia and the UK compete for this coveted award.


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