Hot Wheel Fencer Kit

Hot Wheel Fencer Kit

Revolutionary Break Feeding System.


  • Accurately allocates feed volume to stock quantity.
  • Easy to move system means moving more regularly.
  • Minimise crop wastage with regular small movements.

Box 1 Contents:
10 x Left-Hand Plates
10 x Right-Hand Plates
1 x Brianex Bungy Connectors 10pk
1 x 500m Super Braid Geared Reel
1 x Single Jumper Lead Connector
1 x 8m Premium Electric Bungy
40 x R-Clips
60 x M6 Nyloc Nut & Bolt

Box Dimensions 465 x 320 x 335mm
Weight 12kg

Box 2 Contents:
60 x Dura-top Arms
10 x 1m Channel

Box Dimensions 235 x 200 x 1020 mm
Weight 21kg