PROCRIMP F3020 Powered Crimping Tool

PROCRIMP F3020 Powered Crimping Tool

The PROCRIMP: Powered crimping tool
For crimping Strainrite Crimp Sleeves ONLY
Ideal for fencing contractors and for use in the agricultural and horticultural industries.
The PROCRIMP utilises the powerful handset of the Infaco Electrocoup F3020. Mounted with a crimping head for fast and effective crimping. The PROCRIMP reduces crimp installation times. The one-handed ergonomic grip with a finger trigger removes the harder physical work of a hand tool and frees up your other hand to hold the wire or guide the PROCRIMP head.
Powered by a long-lasting clip-on lithium-ion battery fully charges in 2 hours for approximately 8 hours of use. The PROCRIMP is the ideal tool for those large wire crimping jobs.

Each box contains

  • Hard Infaco Carry Case
  • Electrocoup F3020 with PROCRIMP head
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Cable
  • Vest
  • Holster
  • Manual

Watch the Installation Video here

Note: Using 3rd party crimp sleeves will void your tools warranty

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